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Why are my homemade candles tunneling?

Here’s the good news – you didn’t do anything wrong in the candle making process! This is one of those candle problems that happens to even the most expensive store-bought candles. It all equates to burn time.

Like burning calories at the gym, a short five-minute burn won’t leave you with great results. When lighting a candle you need to be in it for the long haul! Candles need to be burned until the wax melts across the entire diameter – from edge to edge.

Two hours is generally a good burn time. But some candles may need up to 4 hours to burn all the way across if they are really big – like a dough bowl candle. Regardless of their size, without waiting for a full burn you can count on a tunnel forming in the wax and shortening the life of the candle.


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