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January 1st, 2024 | Sarah Zubiete Bennett at The Dallas Express Podcast

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Eve Short Brings Redolence Gems Candles

to Dallas From Palm Beach

November 30, 2022 by Candy Evans


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There is nothing more fitting to the holiday season than candles and the flickering of candlelight as the days turn shorter for winter.

And there is no more luxurious candle than the soy-based, clean burning Redolence -- Redolence Gems: truly a light unto its own.  (

Each Redolence Gems candle is hand-crafted from soy, custom designed with a personalized blend of scent, designed to refresh the senses, evoke cherished memories and channel energies in beautiful custom vessels topped with real gemstones and crystals.

Redolence candles are not ordinary tapers.

Created by a Sophisticated Woman With Strong Dallas Ties

Eve Short, a former Dallas resident who now lives in Scotland, Hawaii and Palm Beach, educated herself on chandeliering while on the road with her son, a budding tennis pro now playing at an Ivy League school. She trademarked and created the brand and the product in her home. Each candle is hand-crafted to the client’s desired scent wishes and imagination. 

The vessels were sourced from around the world to hold and preserve the special scented soy apricot and coconut oil and professionally made wicks.  

"The gemstones are inspired by my major in Geology and my love of gemstones at University of the Pacific," says Short. "Along with the gems, I continue to educate myself on the chemistry of scents every day."

Short is a member of the National Candle Association, where she attends annual meetings around the world, meeting with others associated with the industry from organic chemists to petroleum engineers. She also attends gem shows through the year to meet the families who own the mines and the wholesalers who market the gemstones, all of highest quality.

Not only are they the perfect gift — beautiful candles topped with gems in refillable containers — it is a very scientific and fascinating industry. Short has turned her Palm Beach kitchen into a laboratory of scents and stones. As she personalizes candles for individuals, hotels and boutiques — she is the face of Redolence Gems. 

“Imagine a blend of your most favorite aromas, gemstones and colors... contact me and I'll bring it to life,” says Short.
Growing up in northern California, near Lake Tahoe, gave Eve her first inspiration for Redolence Gems. 
“That unique fresh pine scent that I remember so well from my hikes,” she says, “became the impetus for my first candle, Tahoe Pines.”

A Hobby Turns to Passionate Custom Candle Gems

Redolence Candles are much more than soy. They are made from 100% pure soy apricot and coconut oil without one drop of paraffin.

“Soy wax candles are more dense than paraffin candles, which means that it takes a little bit more time for the fragrance to be released,” says Short. “But it also means that the candles will last longer and will hold the fragrance longer. Soy wax doesn't yellow or harden and shrink like paraffin does.”

It is also clean burning, colorless, non-toxic, and sustainable. 

“The beautiful handmade vessels are crowned with crystals and semi-precious stones, accentuated by my studies in geology., Your chosen scent is infused in a coconut & apricot luxury soy candle,” says Short. “The glass vessel is sustainable and can be refilled with other Redolence Gems scents.”

Meet Eve Short in Dallas and let her bring your unique memories to scented custom blends at the Dallas debut of Redolence candles on Friday, December 2 at Stanley Korshak Dallas, 10 am until closing and experience the store’s new signature Redolence Gems scent, “Stanley.”

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