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Enough Curing Time Makes a Big Difference

Curing time is the number of hours it would take for the fragrances and the candle wax to bind well together and give off a strong scent throw. This is the time after the candle has completely been made, or you can call it a resting time before actually lighting up the candle.

On average, soy candles would take 10 to 14 days to be fully cured, three to five days for paraffin, and seven to ten days for blended wax like parasoy. Beeswax and palm wax candles cure the same amount of time with blended waxes. If you are using coconut apricot wax, it will take about 14 days to fully cure and be ready for use.

The curing time is needed, especially for scented candles, to let the candle wax and the fragrance oils bind well together. As the candle cures, the wax hardens first, followed by the fragrances settling throughout the candle’s height, giving off an equal amount of scents when burned.

A candle burned without proper curing time would lead to poor scent throw and poor overall candle performance.

Container candles during curing time.

Light the Candle in a Space Appropriate for Its Size

If you are lighting a candle in a space too big for its size, you would not expect to experience a strong scent throw. You must bear in mind the size of your candle and strategically place them in a space enough for them to fill with strong scents. Otherwise, you’d feel like your scented candle has a poor scent throw when in fact, just the space where it is placed becomes overwhelming for the candle.

Larger candles with wider diameters would produce more scents, while candles in tins or jelly jars would have subtle scents. You can place larger candles in wide spaces like living rooms or patios and smaller ones in closed spaces like bedrooms and kitchens.

Proper Storage of Scented Candles

Ensuring a strong scent throw does not end with following all the correct procedures in making the candles. It continues with the proper storage of the candles and ensuring that they are not directly exposed to sunlight and direct heat, which would deteriorate the candle and make it lose all its fragrance.

Placing the candles in cool and dark storage, away from direct sunlight and at room temperature, is the recommended place for candles to still perform at their best. The candles would give off the best scent throw and performance when stored properly until it runs out.

It is also important o note that you should use your candles within 12 to 16 months upon purchase or production to make the most out of their fragrances. Furthermore, it is advisable to place a lid on scented candles, so their fragrances would not dissipate easily into the air when not lit.

Candles lit in a dark room.


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